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Western Dental Plan Management has been working actively and


with Unions for over 35 years!

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Part of our uniqueness is our ability to create and design

Dental Plans

per the needs of the Board Membership.

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Providing administrative


for Third Party Administrators and local Unions is what we do.

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Administrative Services

Promoting the highest quality of service and value
  • Customizable Indemnity Dental Plans
  • Large number of contracted Dentists, including specialists
  • Credentialed Dentists
  • Network throughout California, Nevada and Arizona
  • No cost value to Trust Fund

Membership Access to Quality Care

Providing value-added plans for your members
  • Create, Implement, Administer, and customize proprietary dental plans
  • Coordinate and administer provider contracts
  • Dedicated customer service department
  • Member service enrollment department
  • Third Party Administrator services

Retiree Discount Dental Plan

Specifically designed for Union Members Only
  • Low yearly annual membership fee
  • NO claims to file
  • NO waiting periods
  • NO deductibles or maximums
  • NO limits on number of visits
$35.00/yr1 Individual
$70.00/yr2 Individuals